Is Lotto Really A Viable Retirement Solution?

[ad_1] According to a Canadian survey of baby boomers conducted for TD Waterhouse in 2010, 32% of those polled said they were counting on winning a lottery to fund their retirement. "While this statement may be tongue-in-cheek, according to the survey results, this...

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Realizing Personal Economic Independence

[ad_1] An individual is initially dependent on others during the early phase of life; first 20 years. Throughout this phase, the person obtains knowledge on multiple subjects, attains wisdom through manifold observations, and builds up moral strength by means of...

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10 Tips On How To Judge Your Readiness For Marriage

[ad_1] Marriage is an exciting step in most people's lives, and with it comes both great joy and great responsibility. There are ten questions every couple should ask themselves before getting married to determine whether or not they are really ready to take this...

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The Secret of Success – Desire, Duty, or Dereliction?

[ad_1] People go through this thing that we call life and while some are incredibly successful, there are others who just "get by" until the final curtain is drawn.Determining your level of actual involvement in your life - and thus, your level of success - can be...

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Applications of Facial Recognition Biometrics

[ad_1] Facial recognition is a biometric software application which can identify a person through his/her digital image. Digital image here means the facial components of a person like lip size, cheekbone shape etc. They are primarily used for security reasons but...

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Collaborative Advantage – Building Emotional Deposit

[ad_1] Many of us have read about "Seven Habits for Highly Effective People" by Dr Stephen R. Covey. In his book, he mentioned "emotional bank account," instead of financial bank account. If you have not read about it, it basically means that when you build a...

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Emotions That Keep People Stuck: Grief

[ad_1] As a society we do everything possible to avoid feeling painful emotions: we ignore, push away, numb, deflect, project, anything to avoid the pain. But what happens when emotions don't get processed? They can get trapped in the body and manifest as a physical...

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